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A Father’s Love – How God Loves Us

What the church doesn't talk about often enough is that God is our Father, and we are His beloved children. This means that nothing can separate you from His love - nothing that you do, nor nothing the world throws at you.

What is Salvation and Do l Need it?

Share and Encourage OthersBy Madeline Kalu 15 min read Did you know that Christianity is the […]

Turn Dreams into Goals

Dreams. We all have them. But how do we make them a reality? Read our post to find out.


Is your vision for your life created by you, or is it God-breathed? God wants to share His plans for our lives with us - however, we need to trust Him.

The Power of a Name Change

Names have power. Therefore, in 2023, stop receiving the names society calls you, and instead, embrace the names that God calls you by.


Whatever you are currently facing, hold on to the promises that God is our Creator, who made you, and can restore you as well.

Reteaching Ourselves to Believe in Signs, Visions, and Wonders

Share and Encourage OthersA collaboration with Cally Logan at callylogan.com By Madeline Kalu 2 min read A […]


God uses the Holy Spirit to communicate with us through dreams. Let us invite Him to use us as amabassadors of the Kingdom through our dreams, today.

Maddy’s Monthly Musings – October 2022

Stop striving and fixating on your destination and instead, take a moment to enjoy your current season and the presence of God.

Refugee Roulette – How Ethnicity Influences Your Survival Chances in the Ukraine War

The current war in Ukraine has exposed deeply entrenched racial discrimination towards non-Ukrainian refugees. Join us in speaking out against institutionalized racism in Ukraine and other parts of the world, today.

6 Reasons Why You Can Come to God as You Are

You don't have to have it all together before you can invite God into your life. The following are 6 reasons why you can come to God as you are.

The Love Language of God – 7 ways that He shows His love for you

We all have a love language with which we express endearment. So does God! Here are 7 ways that God expresses His love for you.

How a Vision Board Can Help You Reach Your Goals for 2022

In this article, we show you how you can make the dreams and goals that God has put on your heart for 2022 a reality by using a vision board.

6 Simple Commitments to Make in 2022

Instead of feeling the pressure of New Year's resolutions, we suggest 6 simple commitments that you can make to improve your life in 2022.

9 Ideas for a Christ-centered Thanksgiving

Make Jesus the center of your Thanksgiving festivities this year with these 9 ideas!

Part 3: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on 2 Chronicles 20

In the third and last part of our Bible Study of 2 Chronicles 20, we delve deeper into this biblical chapter for private and group study.

7 Ways to Honor God on Your Wedding Day

On the day you marry the love of your life, honor the One who brought you together with these 7 ideas.

Part Two: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on 2 Chronicles 20

In Part 2 of our Bible Study on 2 Chronicles 20, we explore how we can apply this biblical lesson to lead a life of praise, peace, and gratitude amidst adversity.

Part 1: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on 2 Chronicles 20

In this Bible Study of 2 Chronicles 20, we explore how King Jehoshaphat of Judah and his people developed peace and confidence in God amidst a triple enemy threat.

5 lies that keep us from spiritual growth

In sharing 5 of the lies which had personally kept me from growing in the Lord in the past. l hope that my experiences will help free you of the untruths that are hindering you from maturing spiritually.

When the Needy Help Others

By practising giving and receiving, we balance out social and economic inequities, encourage others, and provide hope for a better future.

Who are „Corona People“ anyway?

The following encounter highlights the importance of how Christians need to be a beacon of light during these uprecendented times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

18 New Year Scriptures to encourage you and give you hope in 2021

Be encouraged and have hope for a fulfilled, blessed 2021 with these 18 New Year Bible verses!

5 Creative ways to remember God’s goodness in 2020

Although 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, God is still good. Here are 5 creative ways to remember God's goodness in 2020.

3 Prayers to Refresh Your Weary Soul Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is tiring many. We hope that these 3 prayers ease your weary soul, refresh you, and restore your energy.

A Second Chance through Forgiveness

Forgiveness and understanding forms a bridge that promotes peace with our fellow man and undoes the damage caused by adversity.

Black and White Notes – A Poem About Interracial Friendships

A quote from Richard Nixon inspired me to write a poem about my three closest friends, who happen to be Caucasian.

A love reaction to racism

When faced with persecution, l will remember the love of Christ and bless those who seek to mistreat me.

10 Tips on Looking After your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We hope you enjoy this video with 10 tips on how you can look after your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allie Crummy Releases Her Debut Album and Has Peace Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

We welcome Allie Crummy, a Christian singer/songwriter, to our Artist's Page, and share with you the details of her debut album "I Have Peace".

Marianne Paluso – Life’s Bridges, God’s Timing, and the Puddin’ Pie Girls

We welcome artist and Christian folk singer Marianne Paluso to our Artist's Page. We hope you enjoy experiencing Marianne's art and music, as well as her touching testimony.

How fellowship at a German Christmas market helped me fight depression

As someone who struggles with chronic depression, the Yuletide season can be very stressful for me. For those of you who also cope with a form of mental illness, l hope this holiday experience comforts and encourages you.

The grace of God

Grace knows no boundaries and when the human effort fails, grace elevates. A fellow that carries grace can never be disgraced by any foe.

The Lettuce

We hope you enjoy this devotional from Lynne Phipps about God's love and His gift of grace to us.

An interview with Land & Salt

We are humbled and thrilled to be able to come together with the British duo Land & Salt and share their music ministry with you.

Part Three: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Joshua 6

In this study section of our Bible study on Joshua 6, we offer discussion questions, reading material, a prayer, and much more for your study group or quiet time with God.

JL Book Review: “The Hiding Place” by Corrie ten Boom

In her epic memoir, Corrie ten Boom shares her testimony of trusting God throughout the Nazi occupation of Holland and finding refuge in Him in the midst of a German concentration camp.

Part Two: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Joshua 6

In Part 2 of our Bible Study on Joshua 6, we explore how we can partner-up with God to live a victorious life full of faith, praise, and fellowship.

Part 1.3: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Joshua 6

Following the capture of Jericho, the Israelites still had work to do in the city, in order to maintain their strategic advantage and ensure God's favor.

Take a breath, and allow God to make a change

Instead of procrastinating, l need to take a breath and allow God to make changes in my life. He will make all things work together for my good.

An Interview with Eyes Like Elijah

We hope you enjoy this interview with London-based worshippers Eyes Like Elijah, which is our first contrbution to our new "Jacob's Ladder Artist's Page".

Part 1.2: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Joshua 6

In this next instalment of our Bible Study of Joshua 6, we discover God's military plan to overthrow Jericho and what the Israelite's had to do to make it come to pass.

Part 1.1: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Joshua 6

Come join us as we analyse God's promise of victory to the Israelite's in Joshua 6 to give them the fortress city Jericho and their preparation to realize that.

3 ways that God is using a dry season to strengthen my faith

In this article, l share 3 ways how God is using a difficult season of ill health to strengthen my faith in Him.

My soul will be still, for the Lord is in control

When faced with adversity, l will be still and rest in God’s presence, knowing that He is in control.

Solid as a Rock – When Life Crumbles

Sarah Keith shares her testimony of how God revealed His love and care for her during a dark period in her life that seriously challenged her faith.

9 Hopeful Truths for When God Seems Distant

Do you feel like God is maintaining radio silence? These 9 truths will give you hope that God is in fact closer to you than you think.

The Trust Factor

Lynne Phipps shares her experience of trusting in the promises and goodness of God through her beloved dog, Casey. She calls it "The Trust Factor".

Be still

JJ Ollerenshaw shares her experience of how God shines a light on our problems and shows us the way. We just need to be still and trust in His plan for us.

Lord, are you there?

God is always with you - even in the silence. Like Elijah, you just need to lean in and listen attentively for His still, small voice.

How to trust God when He is silent

Trusting in the living God is the living spring that opens the floodgate of divine help from above.

Part Three: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Ephesians 1

Want to study Ephesians 1 in a small group or individually? Then read the third part of our Bible Study on Ephesians 1.

Part Two: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Ephesians 1

Join us as we take the lessons that Paul imparts us in Ephesians 1 to live joyful, purposeful lives as the adopted children of God and ambassadors of His message of love and salvation.

Part One: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Ephesians 1

For this month's Bible Study topic, we will be studying Ephesians 1. Join us, and learn more about who you are in Christ!

Why we must purposefully pursue peace

No matter what is going on in our lives, God encourages us to be at peace. Where does this peace come from? Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

JL Book review: “He Heard Me” written by Brenda Vargas

This month's book review is on "He Heard Me" from talented writer and poet Brenda Vargas.

How my worship of God is challenged by a world full of choices

In today's article, l share 3 of my most pressing challenges to worshipping God in a world full of choices and how l learned to overcome them.

My trust is in the name of the Lord

In God do l put my trust and confident reliance and not in the world.

Slave no more

Reiner Frenken is not only a doctor, he is a singer, songwriter, and producer. I was honored to write the lyrics for his song "Slave no more", which is on his album "Utopia III".

Made in God’s Image

Sarah Keith shares in today's article, how we can tap into the creative DNA we share with God to instigate a Divine creative flow that can bring God's kingdom to others.

My strength comes from the joy of the Lord

When God is leading me through a transition, His joy for me is my source of strength.

How l withstood the heat -Bushfires and the Holy Spirit

How the effects of an Australian bushfire taught me about the refining and purfiying fire of the Holy Spirit.

Life sucks? Here are 3 reasons why you need to stick with God right now

Life sucks right now? Here are three reasons why you need to stick close to God when life isn’t treating you right.

The Worry Habit

In today's devotional, Linda Washington shares how she overcame her habit of worry by seeking God's help and holding onto His promises.

JL Book Review: “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young

Welcome to our first Jacob's Ladder Book Review! Today, we will be reviewing "The Shack" by Wm. Paul Young.

How you can let God fix a broken you

You’ve tried everything to make things better, and they haven’t worked out. So, what do you have to lose in giving God a try?

A new acquaintance brings a fresh perspective

I thank God for bringing new acquaintances my way, for they give me a fresh perspective on my life.

Part Three: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Genesis 32

In Part Three of our Jacob's Ladder Bible Study on Genesis 32, we will be looking at how we can study this Bible chapter effectively.

Part Two: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Genesis 32

In Part Two in our Jacob's Ladder Bible Study series on Genesis 32, we will explore how we can apply the lessons of Jacob's encounter with God in our everyday life.

A little cloud of hope

During trials, l will wait expectantly on God for a sign that He is working in my situation.

Part One: Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study on Genesis 32

Welcome to our first Jacob's Ladder Bible Study on Genesis 32! Come and read how God wrestled with Jacob and in one night broke him free of his opportunistic nature and self-dependence, in order to bless him with a new life, a new identity, and a new name - Israel.

Can you see the presence of God in my life?

Marilyn Mc Avoy Clark shares a heart-warming and uplifting personal testimony of God's love and protection throughout her life.

9 mighty names of God and how their meanings are relevant for us today

Did you know that God is known by other names than "God"? Each of His names are found in the Bible and reveal a different characteristic of Him.

Not my way, but God’s way

Rather than struggle to find solutions in my own strength, I will follow God’s purpose for my life.

One more step along the world l go

A testimony of a personal encounter with God through the lyrics of a childhood hymn.

Who is God, actually?

An article exploring the characteristics and promises of God.

On the wings of eagles

When l am weak, I will wait on the Lord, for He gives me strength.

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