We’re excited to announce that l am a guest on the Heal Podcast with Tera Bradham DeNeui!

The Heal Podcast is part of the Heal Ministry, whose intention is to help people experience freedom in Christ through their physical pain or limitation so that they can live the abundant life God has in store for them.

You can listen to a soundbite of my interview with Tera here:

To listen to the complete interview, visit the Heal Podcast website by clicking on this link:

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You can also follow Tera’s Instagram account at @terabradham.

I’d like to heartily thank Tera for inviting me to speak at Heal, and for giving me the opportunity to share my experience of burnout and my testimony of healing through the grace, love, and mercy of Jesus Christ.


Madeline Kalu

Co-Founder of Jacob’s Ladder Blog

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6 ways you can prepare your heart this season

Written by Madeline Kalu

I can’t believe that the holiday season is already upon us. It felt like just a few short months ago that l pulled down the mistletoe, swept up the last remaining pine needles, and boxed up my Christmas decorations. 

And yet, overnight, the world has set its alarm clock for the holiday countdown. In response, l find myself getting caught up in the frantic pace of getting the house holiday ready, planning festive meals, and buying and wrapping presents. 

Years of experience have made us adept at preparing ourselves physically for the Yuletide period, but how much attention have we paid to preparing our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ? 

If you too are getting swept up in the madness of the holiday countdown, the following are 6 ways that will help you to take a step back and prepare your heart this season.

1. Remember what Christmas is really about

It’s easy to get tunnel vision from the commercial enticement and the societal expectations of the holiday season. Every wreath-festooned street and festively dressed shop window is an ongoing reminder for us to participate in a global enterprise of consumerism and culinary indulgence. It is a sharp comparison to the humble entry of Jesus, who was born in a stable and placed in a straw-filled manger.

However, as Christians, we know that greater is He who is in us than He that is in the world (1 John 4:4). So, although it’s lovely to participate in holiday traditions, we need to remember that this season is about more than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, expensive presents, and a sumptuous Christmas Day banquet. It is a time where we can commemorate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. For without His Ministry on earth and consequent sacrifice on the cross of Calvary, we would still be held in eternal bondage by sin. 

Although the build-up to Christmas may last weeks, Christmas Day is just that – a day. However, the relationship we have with God through the death and resurrection of His precious Son is eternal. Jesus is Immanuel – God with us (Matthew 1:23).

Photo credit:  Walter Chávez on Unsplash

2. Focus on your Provider instead of only providing for others 

At the beginning of every holiday season, l  start formulating to-do lists of all the things l need to prepare for the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. It’s important to me to provide my family with a wonderful holiday experience, and l want to make sure that l haven’t forgotten anything.

However, in the process of making endless preparations, l can easily lose sight of the One, who provides me with life, peace, and all my needs – not just during the holidays, but every day.

At such times, l need to take a breath and re-set my mind to what should be my most important priority – honoring and worshipping God. 

Therefore, if you also tend to get swept up in the frenzy of holiday preparations, switch your focus to God by making Him a priority. By doing that, you’ll see that He will provide you with peace, energy, and joy for the season. 

Photo credit:  Raychan on Unsplash

3. Have an attitude of gratitude

The holiday season is a time for many of us to enjoy the fruits of what we have achieved during the year. We have our homes and our families, we have a bulging fridge full of food to eat on Christmas Day, and we have financial resources to buy presents for our loved ones. 

However, there are people around the world who experience the holidays differently. Many spend Christmas alone feeling abandoned and neglected. Families who have hit hard financial times are having difficulty providing their children with a happy Christmas experience. Too many people are living on the streets without the opportunity to enjoy a hot Christmas meal and a stable roof under their heads.

Therefore, as you enter the holiday season, take a moment to thank God for all the ways He has blessed you and your family this year and say a prayer for those who are struggling during this period.

Photo credit:  Freshh Connection on Unsplash

 4. Spend time with God and the Word

Regular routines go out the window during the holiday season, including spending regular time with God. However, seeking God’s presence is exactly the thing that can bring us peace, charge our batteries, and keep our eyes on Him amidst the flurry of social engagements and holiday planning.

For that reason, make it a priority to allocate time every day for God. During that time, spend time in prayer, worship, and thanksgiving for the upcoming season. You can even sing some Christmas songs!

In your quiet time, also delve into God’s Word by reading scriptures that will encourage you to have peace (John 14:27), feel joy (Proverbs 17:22), and inspire you to love others (Romans 12:10).

Additionally, scriptures that herald the coming of Jesus (Matthew 1:23), declare His glory (John 1:14), and speak of God’s promise of Salvation through Jesus (John 3:16) will keep you focused on what Christmas is essentially about – the birth of Jesus and His gift of eternal righteousness with God that He gave us. 

I also like to follow an Advent reading plan from YouVersion, the creators of the BibleApp. Additionally, l read Advent devotionals, such as the ones offered at

Photo credit:  Joel Muniz on Unsplash

5. Enjoy the whimsy of the season

The holiday period brings with it an infectious atmosphere of fun, gaiety, and anticipation. It is the home stretch to a celebratory ending of an old year and the anticipation of a promising and eventful new year.

Children can be our best teachers in embracing the frivolity of the season. When experiencing the abandoned delight with which children embrace holiday experiences, it is easy to see why Jesus says that we should become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 18:3).

So, take a leaf out of your child’s book and wear a cheeky Christmas tie to work or don a pair of Christmas bauble earrings (mine are pink). Crank up your favorite Christmas song and prance around the house like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

Photo credit:  Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

6. Bring the Good News to others

Our priority during the holiday season is to look after our families and provide them with the ultimate holiday experience. 

In the Kingdom, we are all God’s children, yet many people are unaware of the Good News of the Bible and that Salvation through the grace of Jesus is available to them. 

In Luke 17.21, it states that the Kingdom of God is within you. Therefore, reach out to someone, who needs to know about the message of hope, love, and Salvation that Jesus came to share with us. 

Ask your neighbor over for a holiday cup of candy cane coffee and Christmas cookies, or ring up a friend whom you haven’t heard from in a while and ask them how they’re doing. Invite someone, who is alone, to spend Christmas Day dinner with you and your family. 

Sharing the Gospel is not only done through biblical instruction, it is also conveyed when we share with others the love of Jesus that resides in us. It is the ultimate form of worship, especially during the holiday season.

The holiday period is a season to be enjoyed with all that it has to offer. It’s a time of love, laughter, and joy. All the more reason that we need to prepare our hearts by remembering the ultimate expression of love from God – His gift of Salvation through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ.

Photo credit:  Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Faith Love Life Designs Shop

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Faith Love Life Designs is an extension of our ministry here at Jacob’s Ladder. It is a Christian digital brand that we created with the aim of designing and selling faith-inspired printable items that will encourage others in their faith walk with God.

To view more of our selection of instant downloadable art prints, cards, Bible verses, prayers, motivational quotes, and more, feel free to visit our Etsy shop.

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5% of sales from our digital products will be donated to provide aid for those in need during the current global COVID-19 crisis.

Racial Justice

Jacob’s Ladder supports racial justice and equal rights!

On this page, you will find content that endeavors to promote awareness of human rights, seek peaceful change for those living persecuted and oppressed because of their ethnic origin or skin color, and enable racial justice for all, through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

A prayer for racial justice

We believe that prayer is the most powerful weapon in bringing about change.

Join us in the following prayer for racial justice!

Lord, our Father,

The world has already been brought down to its knees this year through a global pandemic. Now humanity is confronted with another attack of conflict and discord as the cries for racial justice echo across all the four corners of the globe.

Mothers are wringing their hands over the graves of their fallen sons and daughters who have been murdered as a result of racial profiling. Politicians are sullying the reputations of black individuals as a justification for police brutality. Our children are openly weeping at the prospect of a bleak future, where the fulfillment of their dreams and goals are dependent upon the color of their skin.  

Lord, You say in Your Word that we must stand up against injustice. Therefore, we approach Your throne in pray and supplication; we ask You to turn the wheels of justice in favor of racial equality. We lay the prostrate bodies of our fallen kin at Your feet and plead for vindication for their suffering. We ask You to dry the eyes of our children and return to them the joy and expectation of a secure future where racial discrimination will no longer exist.

Father, teach us to love one another as Your Son Jesus loves us. Help us to lay down our weapons of hatred, fear, and entitlement, so that our arms are free to embrace our fellow man in acceptance and respect. Tear down the division of color that exists on earth, for racism does not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven.

In Jesus’ name,


A love reaction to racism

Read our testimony on how the power of God’s love can overcome racial prejudice here.

We also have made a short video of our testimony for you to watch.

Black and White Notes – a poem about interracial friendships

Inspired by a quote from Richard Nixon, l wrote a poem about my three closest friends, who happen to be Caucasian. To read the poem, click here.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Having good mental health is important for everyone, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis.

From the 10th-16th May 2021 is Mental Health Awareness Week.

It is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation in the United Kingdom, however, it is acknowledged as a global calendar fixture. 

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is “Nature”.

So, what is mental health?

This is the definition of mental health given by the World Health Organization:

Mental Health Awareness Week seeks to raise awareness of the importance of keeping active, investing in self-care, and helping others in the community, who struggle with mental disorders, in order to preserve and restore mental health nationally and globally.  

Here at Jacob’s Ladder, we seek to raise awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining good mental health.

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting encouraging Scriptures, tips, and articles on either our Instagram or on our website during the next 7 days, as well as throughout the year, in order to help and encourage you to look after your mental health during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

10 quick tips on how you can look after your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

To help you look after your mental health, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a video with 10 tips:

You can read our full article to this video here.

Where to get help and advice on mental health issues

If you are experiencing mental health issues and need advice, the following websites can help you: 

United Kingdom: 

Mental Health Foundation: 

United States: 

Mental Health America: 


Mental Health Africa – Strong Minds: 

South-East Asia:  

WHO South-East Asia: 


Mental Health Europe: 


Mental Health Australia: 

Article Recommendations

If you would like to read some encouraging articles on how to improve your mental health, we recommend the following articles:

1., “4 Ways to Understand the Mind of Christ in Depression or Anxiety”, Joe Padilla.

2, “4 Encouraging Truths for Christians with Mental Illness”, Lieryn Barnett.

3., “5 Vital Truths to Remember When You Are Suffering”, Cortni Marrazzo.

4., “Why Did God Give Me a Mental Illness?”, Teresa Colón.

5., “Facing an unexpected illness: Pray for help and let God heal your soul”

6., “5 Ways to Enjoy the Life-Giving Power of Gratitude”, Amanda Idleman.

Jacob’s Ladder wishes you a happy Mental Health Awareness Week and future good mental health!

Stay safe and blessed!

Madeline Kalu

Co-Founder of Jacob’s Ladder Blog

List of Jacob’s Ladder Bible Studies

At Jacob’s Ladder, it is very much on our hearts that everyone who has given their life to Christ, or is seeking to know Him more, understands that the Bible entails important information that can enable us to live a life of faith and victory, as beloved Children of God.

For that reason, we choose a Bible chapter for every theme we explore, and present a Bible Study on it for you.

How we structure our Bible Studies

Every Jacob’s Ladder Bible Study is composed of three parts:

Part One – Understanding God’s Word

In Part One, we break down the Bible chapter we are studying into verses and explain the meaning of each of them. We also discuss the history behind the chapter, what lessons we can derive from this biblical teaching, and other relevant information to help you understand God’s Word.

Part Two Living God’s Word

Now that we understand what the Bible chapter we are studying is about, we will explore how we can adapt the lessons we learned to lead faith-filled, joyous, and abundant lives, and fulfill the promises and blessings that God has for us.

Part Three Studying God’s Word

For those of you who would like to delve even deeper into the biblical themes discussed in Parts One and Two, either for private study purposes or for a group setting, then this section is for you.

Included in this section are the following:

  • Discussions questions
  • Testimony topics
  • Praise and Worship advice including information about our Spotify playlists
  • Suggested reading topics including Scriptures, related Bible chapters, and related articles
  • Journal writing topics
  • A prayer

List of Jacob’s Ladder Bible Studies

The following is a list of Bible Studies that we have written. They are in biblical chronological order:

Genesis 32

Part One – Understanding God’s Word: “Why being defeated by God can lead to His blessings”

Part Two – Living God’s Word: Why being defeated by God can lead to His blessings

Part Three – Studying God’s Word: “Why being defeated by God can lead to His blessings”

Joshua 6

Part One – Understanding God’s Word: As an exception, we have further divided this part of our Bible Study into three sections:

Part 1.1: “Before the walls fell down: The promise and the preparation” 

Part 1.2: ” Faith, obedience, endurance, and praise – the secret behind God’s military plan” 

Part 1.3: “Victory, first fruits, judgement, and salvation –  The occupation of Jericho”

Part Two – Living God’s Word: “Partnering with God to live a victorious life”

Part Three – Studying God’s Word: “God does His best work in the silence”

2 Chronicles 20

Part One – Understanding God’s Word: “Confronting a crisis with God-given peace and confidence”

Ephesians 1

Part One – Understanding God’s Word: “Knowing who you are in Christ”

Part Two – Living God’s Word: “Knowing who you are in Christ”

Part Three – Studying God’s Word: “Knowing who you are in Christ”

We hope you enjoy our Bible Studies and that they help you deepen your understanding of God and enrich your faith walk with Him!


Welcome to Jacob’s Ladder Blog


Welcome to Jacob’s Ladder Blog!

Jacob’s Ladder Blog was launched on the 2nd June 2019 as a Christian website. Our aim was to celebrate God, as well as to grow in our relationship with Him and with each other.

A year later, we are blessed and humbled to be serving Christ – and you – with our online ministry. With God’s grace, we will continue to serve for many years to come!

Our motto

With our motto “Unlimited God, Unlimited Life”, we endeavor to encourage others that they can live blessed, abundant lives in the fulfillment of the wonderful plans God has for them. God is not restrained by time, people, or societal expectations; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and with Him, all things are possible!

Our vision

To read in detail what our vision is at Jacob’s Ladder Blog, click here.

Our content

The content on our website is organized according to themes. Our current theme is titled “The Grace of God”.

Within each theme, we offer devotionals, articles, personal testimonies, and book reviews. We also offer a three-part Bible Study series to help you understand the Word, live the Word, and study the Word.

We also love to showcase Christian creative ministries on our Artist’s Page, in order to provide you with diverse expressions of the Gospel that will lead to further revelation of God’s love, mercy, and grace.

Additionally, we have themed playlists on Spotify to help you get your worship on!

Jacob’s Ladder Blog wants to raise awareness of mental illness

Lastly, it is very much on our hearts to raise awareness of mental illness on our website. I am currently in recovery from burnout, chronic depression, and anxiety; it is an ardent wish of mine that those who fight the darkness such as l do, know that God is a light to lead us out of our mental prisons. He is our living hope that can pull us out of the miry pit and set us on the steadfast rock of His love, mercy, and grace. Hallelujah!

What l am, and what l am not

I would like to say straight out of the gate that l am not the Mastermind behind this blog – God is. I just have the privilege of being able to work for Him and to steward this blog in His name. All the revelation presented on this website is attributed to the Lord, and He deserves all the glory and honor!

I’m also not a pastor, nor have l had any formal theological training. I’m just a regular gal, who loves God, studies the Word, and wants to share the Good News of His love and grace. I don’t assume to know more than anyone else on the topic of God. I too am a work in progress, and l make the same mistakes as everyone else.

My hope for Jacob’s Ladder Blog

I hope that through Jacob’s Ladder Blog, we can lift each other up, learn more about God, and all grow together as an online community. We also have a wonderful Instagramm community that we would love for you to be a part of!

So, if you too, want to experience fellowship, feel hope, and see how an unlimited God can provide you with an unlimited life, then join me on this journey of discovery. I’m so glad you’re here for the ride!


Madeline Kalu

Co-Founder of Jacob’s Ladder Blog