About Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder was launched in 2019 as a forum to celebrate God and to grow in our relationship with Him, as well as with each other.
With our motto “Unlimited God, Unlimited Life”, we endeavor to encourage others that they can live blessed, abundant lives in the fulfillment of the wonderful plans God has for them. God is not restrained by time, people, or societal expectations; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and with Him, all things are possible!
I would like to say straight out of the gate that l am not the Mastermind behind this blog – God is. I just have the privilege of being able to work for Him and to steward this blog in His name. All the revelation presented on this website is attributed to the Lord, and He deserves all the glory and honor!
I’m also not a pastor, nor have l had any formal theological training. I’m just a regular gal, who loves God, studies the Word, and wants to share the Good News of His love and grace. I don’t assume to know more than anyone else on the topic of God. I too am a work in progress, and l make the same mistakes as everyone else.
I hope that through Jacob’s Ladder Blog, we can lift each other up, learn more about God, and all grow together as an online community.
So, if you too, want to experience fellowship, feel hope, and see how an unlimited God can provide you with an unlimited life, then join me on this journey of discovery. I’m so glad you’re here for the ride!


Madeline Twooney

Co-Founder of Jacob’s Ladder Blog