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Allie Crummy Releases Her Debut Album and Has Peace Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Christian singer/songwriter, Allie Crummy, is releasing her debut album I Have Peace on April 10, 2020.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Allie is a deep thinker, who processes life through writing songs that reflect the tension between what she believes to be true about God, contrasted with what she sees happening in the world around her. Her musical style draws from blues, folk, and soul influences, often utilizing three-part harmonies, and always delivering a melody that’s fun to sing through vocals that are brimming with emotion. 

Allie brings a refreshing sound to the Christian contemporary music scene and provides honest lyrics with which many Christians are likely to identify.

The inspiration behind the album

When Allie set out to write, record, and release the album I Have Peace, she did not have a worldwide health crisis in mind.

The songs on the album were written in response to what she has experienced over the course of the last five years – including a health crisis of her own, which was her inspiration for “I Have Peace”, the eponymous title track of the album.

Additionally, “What He Gives Me” and “Out of My Head were written in response to watching friends walk through grief or major difficulties with mental health. Learning to be a better mother lead Allie to write “Our God is Compassionate”, and dealing with a divisive and calloused political atmosphere resulted in “How Long” and “Free Me Up”.

How the themes in I Have Peace reflect our current global situation

The themes presented in this album have a providentially pertinent voice for this moment in history.

For example:

Feeling uncertain about your health if you were to contract the Coronavirus?

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring,

But I know that trials will come,

And I don’t know when the end will be for me

But I have peace, I have peace, I have peace with God.”

From “I Have Peace”

Worried about your portfolio?

“Out of my head and into Your hands,

My anxious thoughts and my heavy burdens.”

From “Out of My Head”

Bogged down by the political discourse around the crisis?

“I have competing voices in my head,

They come from the left and from the right,

I listen to them too much, but also not enough,

I can’t tell what’s gray from black and white.”

From “Free Me Up”

Hope in the midst of confusion

If there is a single unifying thread throughout the whole album, it is this: Hope can be found in the midst of confusion.

The initial success of I have Peace

Allie Crummy’s debut album I Have Peace has already enjoyed initial success. “How Long” has had radio play, “I Have Peace” has 30k streams on Spotify, and Allie has released music videos for two songs on the album – “I Have Peace” and “Our God is Compassionate” – which are both available on YouTube.

Interested in listening to I Have Peace from Allie Crummy?

You can listen to Allie Crummy’s debut album I Have Peace on Spotify. Just click here.

Connect Further

For further information, feel free to contact Allie per email: alliecrummymusic@gmail.com.

You can also follow Allie on Instagram:  @alliecrummymusic

Allie also has a Facebook page: @alliecrummymusic.

Visit Allie’s Artist Page on Spotify.

Allie Crummy is someone who has a lot to say, and it’s clear that she has more up her sleeve. Make sure you check out this fantastic debut album!

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