How you can let God fix a broken you

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Life is hard.  

Now, I’m all about being positive, but as we say in Australia, where l grew up, we call a spade a spade. And the truth is, life is hard.  

Sometimes we get dealt a bad hand, other times we make foolish decisions. And then there are the times where we make the worst mistakes we could ever make, and spiral down, down, until we feel like we won’t ever know again what it is like to be normal.  

We’re all searching for a way to make things better for ourselves. It is our nature to want answers to life’s questions. However, in the meantime, we cover the pain of living by self-abusing ourselves:  We spend money we don’t have, we enter abusive relationships, we watch porn. Some of us even turn to drinking and taking drugs because we can’t cope.  

If you’ve been looking for answers and haven’t found them, maybe it’s because you’ve been looking in the wrong place. 

God is your answer. 

Some of you might be thinking now, “Hey, l don’t have time for that religious stuff. You’ll never see me in a church!” or ”God doesn’t exist. If He did, l wouldn’t be in the situation l am right now.” 

I am here to tell you that God does exist. God isn’t religion, God is love. It is all about having a relationship with Him; a loving, healing relationship.

And as to why you’re in the situation you’re in right now, l can’t answer that question. But l do know, that God is the only one who can help you out of it.  

The truth of the matter is, without God, we cannot solve our own problems. We can’t come out of debt on our own. We can’t get out of that abusive relationship on our own. We can’t beat that addiction on our own, no matter how many times we’ve tried.  

Without God in our lives, we’re broken. 

The good news is, God loves you and wants a relationship with you. It hurts Him to see you suffering. In fact, you are so important to Him, that He sent His own son Jesus to die for your sins, so that you can be re-united with Him again. Through the blood that Jesus shed for you on the cross, your transgressions are forgiven.  

  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.”

John 3:16 (NRSV)

God’s redemption, by His grace, will heal the brokenness inside of you. You will be saved, living in eternal victory with Him! 

So, what do you need to do to have a relationship with God?  

Admit that you are helpless without Him in your life and ask Him for forgiveness for all the sins you’ve committed in the past. Then accept His offer of salvation, His gift to you.  

 All you need to do is speak the words aloud and truly believe in God’s ability to change you. It is an act of faith on your behalf. With the conviction of your sins and a heartfelt desire to have God enter your life, you will be saved by the grace of God. If you don’t know exactly what to say, I have written a Salvation prayer to help you. 

 I gave my life to Christ at a time when l felt very alone. I was battling depression and was struggling to cope every day. I was single and lonely for a partner. I was working as a primary school teacher, and l loved working with the kids and thoroughly enjoyed the company of my colleagues. However, after 10 years of working 12 hour days, on weekends and on holidays, the workload had taken a severe toll on my health. 

Giving my life to Christ changed my life. God has revealed Himself to me as my true Father, who loves me, who would never hurt me, and on whom l can always rely on. For this reason l call God “Papa”. 

God has also reignited my desire to be a writer, and l am now living my dream job of writing Christian articles, novels, and being a blogger. Finally, God led me to my wonderful husband Solomon, who is also a Christian. We have been married now for over four years. 

After reading this article and you’re still not sure whether God is for you, think about this: You’ve tried everything else to make things better, and they haven’t worked out. So, what do you have to lose in giving God a try?  

You are of the upmost importance to God – you, as an individual, you the person reading this article right now. It doesn’t matter to Him what you have done in the past or what you will do in the future. He knows all that and loves you anyway. You are enough.  

God doesn’t care if you thought or spoke ill of him until now. He knew you from the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb and He delights in you (Jeremiah 1:5). 

You are His child and He loves you. 

God wants to heal your hurt and pain. He wants to give you a fresh, new start so that you can live the life you deserve to live: full of hope, joy, and happiness. And it is possible to start over, if you give everything over to Him: the debt, the addiction, the fears, the doubt, and allow Him to enter your heart. 

‘” For surely I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope.”‘

Jeremiah 29:11

The choice is up to you.  Do you want to start over? 

Photo credit:  Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

Would you like to enter into a relationship with God and need someone to talk to? Write us an email with the subject heading “Salvation” or leave a comment below. Your fellow readers and the team at Jacob’s Ladder Blog will be happy to help you!  

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  1. I’m told to trust in God, God only wants good things for you. The problem is that what God thinks is good for me isn’t enough.
    How long must I wait for God to help me. Yes God is looking out for us eternally, but nothing tangible in this existence. Must I die before God will show me mercy, love caring. I believe to thank God for misery means that God will continue to give what you thanked Him for, more misery. Thankful implies no need for better. If God spoke to me directly I’d be grateful to hear His voice regardless of what He was saying. I’m 51 years old and running out of time to patiently wait for God’s timing, I need direct intervention on God’s part to answer my prayers, which I need to do God’s works. I cock my ears daily listening for God’s answer but only get silence. 40 years since accepting Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, 40 years of disappointment. Please take action, immediately, God and restore my faith in You. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Thank you for your honesty and for sharing this part of yourself with us. I understand the pain you feel and my heart goes out to you.

      I want you to know that God loves you very much. You are precious to Him. He knows what You are going through, and He sees the pain you are going through. I know things are hard, but l encourage you to hold on, keep on trusting in Him a while longer. God is with you, He really is, even if you can’t hear Him – He is there. Keep on praying, keep on seeking Him and the breakthrough you are waiting for will happen.

      God is going to meet you where you are at and lead you out of this season. And in the meantime, my prayers are with you.



      • I believe in God. Our bodies are only a temporary home for our soul. I know at times you cannot find strength to keep going. So lay down and rest both your body and soul. We are being looked after by God. But our pain, body and thoughts can distract us from feeling him. We are united. We all are physically born. We shall all physically die. God is the ribbon that leads us to eternity.

    • I am having problems leaning on God right now. I try to accept HE loves me but people on earth don’t seem to. I am 61 years old and each year a new health problem shows up. I use to love to talk to God and loved it. But here lately not so much. I feel like I work so hard at doing things in my life.

      I am disabled and a lot of health issues and live alone. My body will automatically shut down and I sleep 12 to 15 hrs per day. When I do that then it is hard for me to get back in church. I don’t feel worthy for God to love me and care for me. I do believe Jesus is God’s son and He rose on the 3rd day. Also, I know He is coming back. But right now I can’t seem to get it together.

      • Hi Gilda, thank you for commenting. I’m so sorry that you are dealing with health issues and feel alone. I get it – l also deal with health issues and feel alone at times. What personally helps me is to play and sing worship songs that remind me that God loves me and that l’m not alone. That lifts my mood and gives me so much peace of how much God really loves me and that He is with me and will never leave me nor will He forsake me (Hebrew 13:5). I’m praying for you and if you ever want to talk to someone you’re welcome to write to me at

    • Dear brother Kenneth. God’s answers are in the Book. Spend time reading and studying your Bible and the Holy Spirit will reveal what God wants you to do. The work of God is to believe in the one He sent. John 6:29. He tells us to care for widows and orphans, love others as ourselves. Doing God’s will is showing others God’s love. When we stop dwelling on what we ‘want’ and start doing what God wants, our lives change and we can have joy in all circumstances. Praying God gives you wisdom as you seek it in His word.

  2. I want to live my life with god but it is hard to I’m struggling with this situation right now in my life and I don’t know what to do or how to trust god can you help me out.

    • Hi Enrique, I understand what you are going through. It is a scary time in the world at the moment, and we have our personal issues that we have to deal with on top of that. I get that it is hard to let go and entrust God with your fears and problems. But you can speak to Him like you speak to someone who is in the same room as you. Just say out loud to Him what is on your mind and that you are struggling to trust Him, and yet you want to. Then ask Him to open your eyes to His presence in your life. He will do so, and you will see that He is with you right now in your situation, protecting you, loving you, and providing for you. This Bible verse will help you: 2 Kings 6:17.

      If you would like to enter into a relationship with God, then you can pray a Salvation prayer over yourself. For it is by God’s grace that we are saved, but we have to speak out our Salvation in faith. We have a Salvation prayer on our website for you to speak over yourself under “Prayers”. We will be praying for you here at Jacob’s Ladder. Let us know how you are doing in future. Blessings, Madeline from Jacob’s Ladder.

  3. I’m in a bad way. Hard to let go of someone not good for my soul. I feel down most of my day. I don’t know how to shake this breakup it’s really broke me. I believe in god but I’m so broke I can’t let this go. Pray for me to heal. I’m all fight out Help

    • I’m so sorry that you are struggling. Ending a life chapter can be painful. We’re praying for you. Stay strong. I hope the following Scriptures give you comfort: “He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3 and “My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26. God Bless.

  4. Life is very challenging And sometimes it can be downright hard. But I put my trust in the Lord more and more each day. He has never let me down. Even so I still have my fears and doubts. As a 54 year old addict new to recovery I have lived a large portion of my life on drugs and missed a lot of the things normal people enjoy. Like family , a relationship, financial stability, Even buying items like clothes or furniture. I made my life hard but I wasnt aware in my addiction. I asked God to relieve my addiction and he did. I have my frazzled moments but the more I put my trust in him and seek him The more he shows me how to live the right way . I know its not me and the awareness makes me glad and it comforts me to know hes got me. Great article Madeline thank you

    • John, thank you so much for sharing your testimony. Your love for God is an encouragement to others and how He is working in your life just fills me with awe. I believe that your journey to recovery is going to be an inspiration for many – it certainly is an inspiration to me! Thank you for being a part of our community – you are fearfully and wonderfully made! God bless you!

  5. i love those articles and motivational messages i read which were inspired by the Holy Spirit.
    God bless you for taking that which is true and upright

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