On the wings of eagles

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“But those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint.”
Isaiah 40:31 (NRSV)

Thought of the day: When l am weak, I will wait on the Lord, for He gives me strength.

The temperamental spring rains have bidden their farewell where l live in Bochum, Germany. In their place, summer has heralded its arrival, with fresh breezes rippling through lush grasses scattered with colorful bursts of dahlias, petunias, and hydrangeas.
I have embraced this change of season by making my first attempts at gardening. For the last three years, l have been in convalescence from burnout and depression. Consequently fighting fatigue, fear, and low mood has been a daily struggle. Recently, however, l have felt strong enough to venture outdoors. Being in the fresh air, with the rich dark earth sifting through my fingers and the sun caressing my face is extremely therapeutic. While l work, l thank God for His goodness, and l trust Him with further improvement in my health in His perfect timing.
Yesterday, the cheerful chittering of birdsong drew me outside to the garden. As l drank my morning coffee, l watched the swallows flying above me, fascinated by their dipping and soaring. I saw a similarity between my feathered friends and myself: Just as the birds rely on God to keep them airborne, so too will l continue to put my life in His hands.
Furthermore, as l wait in faith, God will continue to renew my strength until l too, like the birds, will soon mount my wings and triumphantly soar, fully recovered and ready to start a new exciting chapter of my life under the loving provision of the Lord.

Precious and loving Father, thank you that when we are weak, we can find refuge in You. Teach us to wait faithfully in Your presence, while You strengthen us in Your perfect timing. Amen.

Delve deeper:

Are you waiting for a breakthrough in your life? Seek God’s presence where you can find rest from your toil. Wait in faith, for with His perfect timing, God will fill you with a surge of revival, and you will soar with His strength and love into a new and exciting season of your life.

First published on PresbyCan Daily Devotional on 2nd April 2019: https://presbycan.ca/2019-04-02/eagles

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