Racial Justice Awareness

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Jacob’s Ladder promotes social justice and equal rights!

On this page, you will find content that endeavors to promote awareness of human rights, seek peaceful change for those living persecuted and oppressed because of their ethnic origin or skin color, and enable racial justice for all, through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

A Prayer for Racial Justice

We believe that prayer is the most powerful weapon in bringing about change.

Join us in the following prayer for racial justice!

Lord, our Father,

The world has already been brought down to its knees this year through a global pandemic. Now humanity is confronted with another attack of conflict and discord as the cries for racial justice echo across all the four corners of the globe.

Mothers are wringing their hands over the graves of their fallen sons and daughters who have been murdered as a result of racial profiling. Politicians are sullying the reputations of black individuals as a justification for police brutality. Our children are openly weeping at the prospect of a bleak future, where the fulfillment of their dreams and goals is dependent upon the color of their skin.  

Lord, You say in Your Word that we must stand up against injustice. Therefore, we approach Your throne in prayer and supplication; we ask You to turn the wheels of justice in favor of racial equality. We lay the prostrate bodies of our fallen kin at Your feet and plead for vindication for their suffering. We ask You to dry the eyes of our children and return to them the joy and expectation of a secure future where racial discrimination will no longer exist.

Father, teach us to love one another as Your Son Jesus loves us. Help us to lay down our weapons of hatred, fear, and entitlement, so that our arms are free to embrace our fellow man in acceptance and respect. Tear down the division of color that exists on earth, for racism does not exist in the Kingdom of Heaven.

In Jesus’ name,


A love Reaction to Racism

Read our testimony on how the power of God’s love can overcome racial prejudice here.

We also have made a short video of our testimony for you to watch.

Black and White Notes – A Poem About Interracial Friendships

Inspired by a quote from Richard Nixon, l wrote a poem about my three closest friends, who happen to be Caucasian. To read the poem, click here.

Refugee Roulette – How Ethnicity Influences Your Survival Chances in the Ukraine War

The current war in Ukraine has exposed deeply entrenched racial discrimination towards non-Ukrainian refugees. Read our personal essay on this issue here and join us in speaking out against institutionalized racism in Ukraine and other parts of the world, today.

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