What the Church Doesn’t Teach You

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Welcome to our new series, “What the Church Doesn’t Teach You”!

Full disclosure moment coming up: This series is not intended by any means as a criticism towards the Church. The Church is the Bride of Christ, His cornerstone, and l respect it with the same level of love and reverence that l hold for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who pulled you and me out of the darkness of sin and into the light of God’s love.

I am very much aware that no church is perfect, as it is comprised of imperfect individuals – and l for one, am very much imperfect. So, who am l to talk?

However, it is a universal truth known amongst Christians that there are topics that the Church doesn’t either have time to go into depth on, or it avoids teaching altogether.

The reasons for this may be because the churches in question are focused on attracting new members, they have poor administration, they are trying to please everyone at once (which only ends up displeasing almost everyone), they are content in their traditions, they have a hidden agenda of exclusivity, they can’t or won’t react to social, demographic, and political changes (e.g. an increase in mental illness in society, or accommodating a sudden incoming of asylum seekers).

A church may also not agree with certain topics presented in the Bible, or her pastors and leaders may not have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Hey, it happens. As l said, we are all imperfect.

Due to geographical relocation, life changes, bad church experiences, and an overwhelming desire to find a church home in order to worship our Lord, my husband and l have visited many churches in the last 10+ years. And believe me, we have invested ourselves fully into every church we have visited: We have served, attended and led small groups, volunteered, and baked endless cakes for church functions (at least the cakes were well-received).

Each church experience has taught us many things about the church as an institution: what works, what doesn’t work, as well as how we can be better congregants. We’re not experts, but we have been privy to acquiring a lot of intel.

Our church experiences have also taught us that many Christians are not being taught biblical truths that they need to know, truths which will admittedly challenge them, but will consequently deepen their relationship with God, and will result in a victorious Christian life where they can walk in the purpose and promises that He has designed for them.

Therefore, l wanted to address these topics here on this platform.

This series will be informational, honest, and will challenge both you and myself – but it will be done in love. For God is love, and that’s the most important thing, right?

Every month, starting from July 2023, we will be posting a new article on a different topic on what the Church doesn’t teach us.

Here is the index of our articles:

  1. “What is Salvation and do l Need it?”

We hope you will join us on this journey through our series. We pray that it will refresh you, give you revelation, and deepen your relationship with the Lord. Additionally, we hope that it will encourage you to introduce change in your church in areas that need revival and reform, in order that we may all grow together as one Body, to love, honor, and serve our Almighty God.

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