About me

Hi! Welcome to our blog! I’m so glad you’re here! 

My name is Madeline, and I am a Born Again Christian. Ever since l penned my first poem at the age of 10, l have not stopped writing. Today, l am blessed to be able to pursue my love of words as a Christian writer and blogger. 

If l’m not writing, you’ll find me in the gym training hard like Rocky Balboa or reading a good book. I also love to get creative as a freelance SFX Makeup artist, watch Friends re-runs, and dance to Sister Sledge and Stevie Wonder in the kitchen whilst cooking.  

I am British, but l live in Germany with my husband and our one-eared pussycat. 

If you are interested in reading some of the freelance articles l have written, here are the links to three of my latest posts:

  1. “Who was Jacob in the Bible? Why did he fight with God?” Published on the 19th July 2019 on Chrisitanity.com
  2. “What Does the Bible Say About Giving? 4 Prayers for Biblical Guidance on Giving” Published on the 17th July 2019 on Crosswalk.com
  3. “Does it matter how l worship God?” Published on the 26th June 2019 on YMI Magazine (part of Our Daily Bread Ministries)

If you would like to peruse my online portfolio, click here.